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Women's Health Unplugged

Apr 20, 2022

I never had any fear about money until the pandemic. I always figured that I’d find a job, or “figure it out” if I needed to. I had a good education, great communication skills, and my hand in many pots I could turn towards if I needed to. 

Then the pandemic. 

My security turned to fear. 

My husband was unemployed for 5 months, I canceled 500 appointments at my clinic and had to close aspects of our business because we couldn’t compete with Amazon. 

2 years later, with the pandemic costing our businesses over 1 million dollars, I'm almost not afraid. Almost.

When I heard April Stroink speak for the first time I knew I needed to hear more from her. She has a different strategy for supporting women when it comes to money, and strategies that acknowledge how our behaviour and beliefs impact our money choices. She wants to know how your story affects how you make decisions, and can teach you to take control of your own financial future. 

We have a great conversation on the podcast this week about how we need more financially equipped females, how feminine leadership can support business, and how you can better understand your relationship with money. Financial health is deeply linked to the rest of your health. We unpack this in this week’s episode together. 

You can find April and her offerings through her profile on Instagram or at